Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner and other events

We are hosting our 2nd annual "Carson's Crew and Kennedy too" spaghetti dinner on Sunday, February 28 at the Woodville Methodist Church from 11:30-1:30. We will have dine-in as well as carryout available. There will be T-shirts available for a $12 donation.

Mark your calendars for our 2nd annual Reverse raffle held Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010. This year it will be held at the Glass City Boardwalk in Moline. More info to follow.

If you can't make it to any of these events and would still like to donate to our fight against CF you can go to and make a donation.

PS - Our Great Strides Walk is set for May 1st. At that time, "Carson's Crew & Kennedy, too" will present a check for over $30,000 to represent our fund raising efforts since May of last year. Without you, this wouldn't be possible. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reverse Raffle Charity Event for Cystic Fibrosis

Saturday, September 12, 2009 join us for a fun night at St. George's Cathedral in Rossford, Ohio!

Events include:
Reverse Raffle- Grand Prize $2,500 2nd place $1,000
Silent Auctions
50/50 Raffle
And more!

Carson Slates is a young toddler from Elmore, Ohio who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after birth. After an extended stay in the St. Vincent's NICU, Carson was able to join his parents at home. Since that time, Carson's parents, family members and friends have become committed to helping find a cure for this devastating disease. While Carson looks healthy, he continues to fight this disease daily by taking an arsenal of medications that sustain his life. The treatment these medications provides is only possible with your continued support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's research.

Carson's newborn sister Kennedy has also been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Kennedy does not show any visable signs of disease either, but she too has started the arsenal of medication and the everyday routine of breathing treatments. These two little children deserve the chance to live without the constant fear of medication, lung infections, hospitals, nebulizers, etc. Please support our cause in any way that you are able. Helping to make CF stand for Cure Found!!

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease affecting 30,000 children and young adults in America. There are over 150 families in the Toledo area alone that are affected by this disease. CF causes chronic and life threatening lung infections and impairs digestion. The average lifespan of people with CF is 36 years...this is just not acceptable! The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation does not receive government funding for research-funds come from people like you! If you would like more information on Cystic Fibrosis please visit

The Reverse Raffle has a 1st place prize of $2,500 and 2nd place is $1,000 (WINNER NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN). Some of the silent auction and basket raffle items include: a Green Bay Packers team-autographed football, Archie Griffin autographed pictures, 2 Cleveland Indians autographed pictures, gift cards for pedicures, manicures and hair cut and colors from lots of salons, a Duke book signed by Coach Krzyzewski, a UNC picture signed by Roy Williams, personalized fleece blankets, lawn care services, gas gift cards, decorated wine glasses, and restaurant gift cards. And that is to just name a few!

Tickets are $50 and that includes 1 entry in the Reverse Raffle and also gets 2 people in the event with dinner included (Lasagna, Olive Garden Salad and breadsticks). There will be a cash bar selling beer and wine. It's being held on September 12 from 6-11pm at St. George Cathedral in Rossford right off I-75. It's going to be a good time for a great cause! You don't have to be present to win, so you can always buy a ticket regardless of whether you can attend or not.

For those of you that are Buckeye fans, we know this is the night of the Ohio St vs USC football game. We will have the game on at the event and do various Buckeye events while there. Please don't let the fact that the game is the same time stop you from coming and supporting this great cause!!!

We hope everyone can find it in their hearts to help us out by attending or at least by buying a ticket. Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers! We're just one family helping to make CF stand for "Cure Found!"

Forward on to any of your friends and family – the max amount of tickets sold is 300. Each table holds 8 people so if you have a group that wants to come we can reserve a table for you so that everyone can sit together.

To purchase tickets please contact any of the following people:
Kevin Slates @ 419-367-6165
Amy Slates @ 419-351-7192
Laura Strong @ 419-360-4087
Shari Slates @
Brittany Perkins @
Kori Slates @
Ashley Perkins @

If you would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to "Carson's Crew" and send to Carson's Crew c/o Amy and Kevin Slates, PO Box 222, Elmore, Ohio 43416.

Thanks to all who have supported our cause

We would also like to thank all of the people who have purchased tickets and/or made a donation to our 2009 Charity Event.

1 Bill and Jenelle Bennington
2 Matt and Crystal Theiroff
3 Abbe and Jason Whitacre
4 Kristin and Clark Allen
5 Keith Tammarine
6 Cindy Anderson
7 Aaron and Laura Strong
8 Randy Adams
9 Paul and Connie Runion
10 Jake and Laine Runion
11 Gary and Christina Thatcher
12 Mark and Jean Runion
13 Marcia and Chris Strong
14 Kara and Bryan Rannigan
16 Heidi and Chris Frantz
17 Philip Kayden
18 Mark Jenkins
19 Michelle Baker
20 Philip Kayden (Bob and Becky)
21 Barb and Rick Runion
22 Jeff Huskison
23 Sondra Milano
24 Jeff Huskison
25 Kelly O'Connor
26 Ron Thompson
27 Larry Sattler
28 Adam Thieroff
29 Roger Abair
30 Alice Sattler
31 Amy Johnson
32 Mindy Spalding
33 John Odams
34 Josh Bryant
35 Karen Perry
36 Bobby Parish
37 Crispen Cook
38 Doug Thieroff
39 James Honacher
40 Thadd Huss
41 Kevin Rawski
42 Lucas Gallagher
43 Michelle Krotzer
44 Linda Koschinski
45 Dan Avers
46 Steve LaGrange
47 Wesley Sattler
48 Ellen Pizza
49 Emily Haye
50 Jen Libben
51 Charlene Nighswander
52 Mike Nighswander
53 Ann Taylor
54 Ann Taylor
55 Ann Taylor
56 Ann Taylor
57 Kevin Leady
58 Tammy Leady
59 Janet Wendt
60 Andrea Moenter
61 Frank Komives
62 Frank Komives
63 Angie Migliori
64 Jerry and Sue Geers
65 Freda Perkins
66 Don & Ruth Avers
67 Joel & Michelle Atkin
68 Brittany Perkins
69 Nathan & Laura Barnes
71 Ron and Linda Moenter
72 Matt Moenter
73 Bob and Ann Perkins
75 Brad Copeland
76 Tammy and John Donley
77 Julie and John Bergman
78 Jim & Mary Ann Warren
79 Jim & Mary Ann Warren
80 Janus and Doug Perkins
81 Erika & Dawn Wilburn
82 Jim & Mary Ann Warren
83 Jim & Mary Ann Warren
84 Anthony Lorenzo
85 Alan Jacoby
86 Ashley Hazlett and Drew
87 Sue Schmeltz
88 Diane Wise
89 Ron and Lisa Wetzel
90 Kay Fausey
91 Deb Ford
92 Steve and Andrea Wagner
93 Becky Scherf
94 Todd Avers
95 Todd Johannsen
96 Amy & Aaron Clouse
97 Stacey Diefenthaler
98 Don & Georgie Berry
99 Amy & Randy Ross
100 Mike and Connie Destazio
101 Jane Garling
102 Joe Tafelski
103 John Wieck
104 Paul Miller
105 Rick & Vicki Kruse
106 John Skeldon
107 Todd Burke
108 Joe Segura
109 Matt Koppinger
110 Matt Koppinger
111 Ryan Collins
112 Matt Koppinger
113 Matt Koppinger
114 Rayanna Tyree
115 Lynne Hogan
116 Ellsworth Hickerson
117 Erick Shaw
118 Eric Burnworth
119 Justin Sutter
120 Lynn Busch
121 Johnny Cuevas
122 Christy Fey
123 Kelly Reyes
124 Hugh Rice
125 Brian Radde
126 Ryan & Ashley Travis
127 Chris & Tara West
128 Justin Perkins & Kristin Golightly
129 Ed & Kathy Magsig
130 Buddy Perkins
131 Susan and Chris Serenari
132 Becky McCarthy
133 Denise Smathers
134 Kevin & Amy Slates
135 Shawn and Marci Might
136 Bonnie Smith
137 Cori Moenter
138 Amy Crow
139 Nate & Emily Bernath
140 Jack Hagmeyer
141 Brett & Emily McClure
142 Ashley Lowry
143 Terry Meyer/Jennifer Kopcak
144 Jan Tuckerman
145 Pete Kruse & Molly Moccabee
146 Matt and April Hammer
147 Brett & Marnie Busdeker
148 Heidi Lutz
149 Jon Meyer
150 Carolyn & Joe Johnson
151 Dave and Chris Devito
152 Michaela and Gary Straw
153 Gaylene DeVito
154 Michael and Julie Butler
155 Steve and Rhonda Martin
156 Nathan and Rachel Gregg
157 Linda Wagner
158 Tom and Sally Adams
159 Jim and Diane Krieger
160 Tiffany and Memo Hernandez
161 Jan Middaugh
162 George and Alice Willman
163 Adam and Lindsay Lohman
164 Don and Michelle Christie
165 Patti Speck
166 Stacy Shue and Carrie Honsberger
167 Kaleigh Fatzinger and Nicole Collar
168 Ashlee Donahoo
169 Kelly Snyder
170 Ashley Egbert
171 Stu & Beth Barton
172 Lisa Frank
173 Holly Brodman
174 Danny DeVito & Ashley Perkins
175 Jeff and Angie Lipstraw
176 Bill and Elizabeth Horst
177 Sharon and Mike Trabbic
178 Doug Trautman
179 Anne and Greg Homan
180 Tracie and Chris Youngless
181 Ryan Yocum
182 Shelly Francis
183 Steve Lowry
184 Tom Wenzke
185 Mike Tafelski & Anne Mellen
186 Michael Perkins
187 Amy and Duane Muecke
188 Barb & Jim Hasenfratz
189 Brandon and Erin Mitchell
190 Brad Sander
191 Dave and Jen Orcelleto
192 Elliot and Kristen Metzger
193 Ralph and Jane Myers
194 Ryan Forry
195 Tyler & Brandi Cunningham
196 Brian and Brooke Best
197 Joe Tafelski & Jenn Teschner
198 Tom Wenzke
199 Steve Zajac
200 Kurt Rood
201 Kris Dusseau
202 Laura St. John
203 Ken & Judy Sander
204 Deb Marcinek
205 Jodi Dimasso
206 Tina Gibson
207 Jen Sharp/Dan Moscioni
208 Dave & Betty Robenstine
209 Timi Kidwell
210 Greg Edinger
211 Ken Leist
212 Sherry Nicholas/Sandy Sherman
213 Grant Cummings
214 John Janus
215 Karrol Reese
216 Paul and Tammy Wargacki
217 Josh and Stefania Bauman
218 Jake Wargacki and Kori Slates
219 Sandy Koler
220 Chad & Linda Bringman
221 Ty Tracy
222 Ty Tracy
223 Ty Tracy
224 Ron & Becky Busdeker
225 Barb & Jeff Travis
226 Jason and Barb Holbrook
227 Jim & Carol Marinis
228 Randy Pawlowski
229 Ray & Sue Jones
230 Audrey Schnabel
231 Brian & Michelle Elmer
232 Nancy Siefke
233 Drew Williamson
234 Trevor Williamson
235 Renee & Larry Graser
236 David Slates
237 Sharon Haw
238 Shari & Mark Slates
239 Dan & Kathy Slates
240 Dick and Karen Emch
241 Gerry Slates
242 Melanie Ogrodowski
243 Katie Beakas
244 Tom & Jonella Reineck
245 Heidi Welch
246 Michael Christman
247 Tessa Schnipke
248 Lori Mozena
249 Scott Weiss
250 Mike Barchick
251 Betty Walker
252 Kathy Damshroder
253 Megan Damshroder
254 Leslie Erwin
255 Carol Flick
256 Tammy Fonesca
257 Mark & Judy Karchner
258 Lucas & Rachel Messer
259 Joe & Kendra Hartlaub
260 Steve Messer
261 Joe & Jennifer Ziebold
262 Sals Pals
263 Sals Pals
264 Sals Pals
265 Sals Pals
266 Jennfier Hartman
267 Brent Miller
268 Dave Christie
269 Steve & Ann Huss
270 Kathy & Terry Gaines
271 Troy & Amy Adams
272 Bill & Rose Kusian
276 Gary Zajac
277 Joe and Jacci Shaw
278 Ken Hermes
279 Steph
280 Todd & Carrie Bringman
281 Don & Norma Elmer
282 John Zatko
283 Tom McCarter
284 John Zatko
285 Beth Zajac
286 Gary & Sandy Beckman
287 Maryellen Cummings
288 Sharon Dunn
289 Ron Dunn
290 Chris and Mellisa Rodriguez
291 Maureen Kookoothe
292 Tari Cecil
293 Deb Wenzke
294 Deb Wenzke
295 Kate Wenzke
296 Christy and Bernie Blechinger
297 Tony and Beth Meadows
298 Ed and Diane Coy
299 Bob and Mary Schroeder
300 Ben Strong and Allison Aspacher
Dinner Only:
Nancy Siefke
Pat & Steve McGlaughlin

Sponsors for 2009 Charity Event

We would like to say a special thank you to the local businesses and sponsors that helped to make this event a success!

Abbie Lake: Cash Donation
Adam & Angela Lenin: Cash Donation
Al-Mar Lanes: Two Games of bowling for 5 people or bolwing party for 10
Anew The Salon & Spa: Gift Card (Emily Bernath)
Bench's Greenhouse: Gift Card
Bowling Green State University: Autograped T-shirt by 2009-10 women's basketball team
Bowling Green State University: Two tickets BG vs OU football-Stadium Club luxury box (Food & drink provided) 10/3
Bowling Green State University: Four tickets to BG vs Providence Hockey game 10/24 @ 7 pm
Bowling Green State University: Official Team hat
Campus Pollyeyes: Two $10 gift cards
Carroll Township Thursday Night Co-Ed Volleyball League: Cash Donation $314
Cedar Point: 10 tickets for 2010
Chicago Bears: Nathan Vasher Autographed mini-helmet
Chris Barry: Cash Donation
Cincinnati Bengals: Keith Rivers autographed football & Reebok dri-fit shirt
Cleveland Indians: Ryan Garko Autographed Picture
Connxtions Comedy Club: Two admit 2 passes (6)
Coy, Konieczny & Peppel, LLC: cash donation
Detroit Lions: Kevin Smith autographed picture
Detroit Pistons: Richard Hamilton Autographed Baskeball
Diamond Inspections: Four $10 gift cards to Spaghetti Warehouse
Dick Lueke: Dewalt Drill
Dick Lueke: Pitcher and soap dispenser
Doug Perkins: 3 Free oil changes
Flare Design-set of 4 wine glasses (red wine)
Flare Design-set of 4 wine glasses (white wine)
Genoa Jewelers: Pink Sapphire and diamond pendant 14k gold
Genoa Jewelers: Men's black strapped Pulsar watch
Gino's Pizza: Gift basket
Glass City Federal Credit Union: 6 Toledo Walleye tickets
Glass City Federal Credit Union-$500 donation
Green Bay Packers: 2008 Team autographed football
Hagemeyer Fine Photography: Gift Card towards Sitting
Head over Heels Salon--Gift card for deluxe pedicure
Jane Garling: Water Aerobic Classes
Jane Garling: Lasagna Dinner for 8--wine included
Jeremy Richter: Cash Donation
Jonathon Khoi Nail Spa: Pedicure Gift Certificate
JP Photography-$150 gift certificate: mini package-1 8x10, 2 5x7, 8 wallets
K.D. Alexander's: $50 Gift Card
Kevin Slates: Detroit Tigers Sweatshirt
Kristina Haw: Scrapbook Materials
Lake Erie Monsters: Executive Suite (18 tickets & 3 parking passes)
Linda Dick: Cash Donation
Mark & Janet Wendt: Fall wreath
Mark & Shari Slates: Pool Party for 8--2010
Michigan State University: Mark Dantonio Autographed Nike Football
Mike Krzyzewski: Autographed Book
Minnesota Vikings: Antoine Winfield autographed football
New Directions Hair Studio: Gift Basket-Hair Products
Ohio State University: Archie Griffin Autographed Picture
Ohio State University: Lunchbox
Ohio State University: T-shirt
Ohio State University: bag
Ohio State University: Mousepad
Ohio State University: 2008 Gameday Magazine (1 for each game)
Ohio State University: Posters
Pittsburgh Steelers: Hines Ward Autographed Picture
Priesman Printing: Raffle Tickets
Rayz Café: 4 $10 Gift Cards
RCR lawncare-Fall yard clean up
Shari Slates: Pillow Blanket
Shari Slates: Quilt
Soto Loft Hair & Nail Salon (Danielle Goings): Partial highlight and cut
Soto Loft Hair & Nail Salon (Laura Shields): Partial highlight and cut
Soto Salon & Spa (Joi Powell): Basic Pedicure Gift Card
Stone Ridge Golf Course: 2 one round of golf + cart
Toledo Museum of Art: Artwork
Tropical Escape Tanning: 2 Spray Tan Gift Cards
University of North Carolina: Roy Williams Autographed Picture
Village Inn: Cash Donation
Woodard Photography: Free Family Session & 8x10 photo
Woodard Photography: Free Family Session & 8x10 photo
Woodville Community Center-Ken Green: Cash Donation

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Strides Walk & signing up for email notification

Again, welcome to the new way to keep up to date with everything Carson and Carson's Crew! Please make sure you check out the original post below to see why we are making this change.

Saturday will be the Great Strides Walk to benefit research for Cystic Fibrosis. I want to thank everyone that has donated to Carson's Crew or any other CF walk team. We appreciate it! If you haven't had a chance to donate, there is still time! Just click on this link and click on the "Click to Donate" button.

We will update our final total and also post some pictures from the walk once we are done.

There are a few ways you can follow this blog and be notified when it is updated.

1. Send an email to and I will add you to a distribution list. Once I make any sort of post, I will send an email to everyone letting them know it has been updated.

This is by far the easiest and most convenient way.

2. Choose one of the options to the right under the "Subscribe Here" items (only if you use some sort of RSS feeder.

3.Click on "follow blog" on the toolbar above (if it is there for you)

Thanks again for all of your support, prayers, donations and just being there for Carson!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to the new Carson's Crew blog

I created this blog to replace the Caring Bridge site that we (mostly Kori) have kept updates on since Carson's birth. We are going to be closing down the Caring Bridge site so we can get all of the journal entries, messages you all posted, and pictures onto a DVD. It will be interesting (and I am sure tear-jerking) to pull that DVD and look at it in the future.

You can find all the information regarding Carson's Crew and our events here.

We appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and continued support for us and Carson!